Being an ambassador for RUFF BAR can be an awesome experience and is intended to benefit all of us. To be on the same page, please read through these Terms and Requirements before you apply. We want to make sure all our needs are met and that there are no surprises down the road. 

Both parties agree to the following terms:

The ambassador acknowledges that they are entering into a partnership with RUFF BAR. During the term of ambassadorship, the representative will receive up to a 12-pack of RUFF BARS monthly in exchange for promoting RUFF BAR on their social media accounts.   

The ambassador agrees to a 3 month term.

Ambassadors are free to reapply once their current term is over.

Minimum Posting Requirements:

  • 2 quality instagram feed posts per month featuring @ruff_bar
  • 8 quality story posts per month promoting @ruff_bar

When Posting:

  • The Ambassador agrees to not mention any other promotional vendors in their posts for RUFF BAR unless approved
  • The Ambassador agrees to make all posts in good taste. (Free of inappropriate language, and/or any content promoting bigotry, racism or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age)
  • The Ambassador will tag RUFF BAR in photo and mention them in the post caption/description
  • The Ambassador will share their unique discount code with followers when posting about RUFF BAR

The Perks:

The Ambassador will receive the following items:

  • 10 pack of RUFF BAR
  • 25% off their personal purchases of any additional products from RUFF BAR
    • Ambassadors agree to not share their personal discount code with anyone else
  • 15% off discount code for their followers
  • First look/taste of new products

The Rights:

RUFF BAR reserves the right to use all photos featuring our products in any professional manner. This includes but is not limited to using the photos for marketing materials, social media, advertisements, etc. We reserve the rights to also pull photos using our products if we feel that they represent the brand in any unprofessional way.

    Breach of Contract:

    Either party may terminate this agreement within 5 days written notice, if the other party breaches this agreement. In the event that the ambassador has breached this agreement, RUFF BAR may instruct the ambassador to stop all promotional activities and pay for the costs of all promotional products and shipping charges that have accrued. Payment will be due within 7 business days. RUFF BARS also reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time without further compensation to the Ambassador if terms are not being upheld.

    Download Agreement:

    The ambassador contract for March through May 2019 can be found here: RB-Ambassador_Agreement-March-May19.pdf. Please download and fill it out on your computer, then email to


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