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Dog with itchy skin conditionIn 2015, Sue’s sweet 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Jack, an older gentleman by this point, was terribly itchy. His back was painfully red and raw, and he had licked and bitten off a lot of his fur. His skin condition worsened so much he had to wear a cone around his neck and was bathed with prescription shampoo. Jack developed staph infections multiple times from all the licking, for which he was prescribed steroids and other harsh prescriptions. Sue took him to see multiple vets, but none of the allopathic medicine he got from them helped. It pained Sue so much to see her sweet dog in this terrible condition, and she was very concerned about the damage to his liver from all these medications. Understanding the power of herbs for her horses, she was in the process of making horse herb treats and gave Jack several of the treats daily. She was supporting his liver with the Liver and Kidney Support Herb mix. She added chia seeds, ground flax seeds and coconut oil to his food. 


Dog with healthy fur and skinIn just a couple short weeks she noticed that his itching was clearing up and his fur was starting to grow back. Amazed by the happy result for Jack and determined to share her success with others, Sue took photos of the improvements and sent them to her holistic vet friend. With her help, Sue then created a line of all natural dog herb mixes. She also realized that feeding clean food makes a huge difference in the health of humans and animals alike. A clean diet can enhance quality of life and even prolong the lifespan of our beloved pets.

Jack lived until he was 15 years old, with a full healthy coat of fur. Since then, we have heard many great stories by pet parents similar to this one.

Dogs with healthy fur and skinHaving had her little Jack around for another three years was a gift Sue feels compelled to extend to you! By offering clean foods to your dog, you can improve your dog’s chance for a long and healthy life. Which is why we don’t ever use any fillers or ingredients that are not appropriate for a dog.

What’s your story? Please share it with us! 


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